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Annual Board Meeting April 12, 2014

Here you will find the Agenda for the Annual Members Meeting and the Reconstruction Meeting for 2014. We have also posted the Resolution for Cancelling the 2014 Election.

Consumer Confidence Report 2012

Annual Water Quality Report for the period of January 1 to December 31, 2012.

A Watering Guide for Texas Landscapes.

Click the image for some tips on watering your Texas Landscapes. Information provided by Texas Water Development Board.

Water Loss and Leaks

Water Loss and Leaks can be a disaster in more ways than one... Keep an eye on leaks to save on your water bill.

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Conserving water is our responsibility, so do your part!

2012 CCR

Here you will find a copy of the government required yearly CCR (Consumer Confidence Report). It contains important information about the quality of your water.


If you are a looking for a career in the water utilities field. Click the link below to read more, come by the office, or just call 903-322-9424.

More Ways to Pay Your Bill

We have added several convenient ways to pay your water bill. Follow the link below or contact us to find out.
Mission statement: We will meet all requirements of our members and regulatory agencies, maintain a sound financial program for present and future growth and provide a safe, desirable work place for our employees.
Report and repair leaks as soon as possible...